FREQUENTQ: Is it mandatory to fill up all the columns of the form by the Ld. Member Advocate?

A: All the columns of the Form as given are require to be filled up mandatorily. Any column left blank and/or not filled up properly will not be accepted.

Q: Is it necessary to upload photograph of the Ld. Member Advocate along with the form?

A: Member Advocates are require to upload their recent half-bust photograph with clear front view of their face in any supported imaging format in the field as dedicated in the bottom of the form. Once uploaded successfully, the preview image would appear instantly. No filled up form will be accepted without photographs.

Q: Can I download the filled up form after submitting it online?

A: After successful submission of fully filled up form online, Ld. Member Advocate may download his/her submitted form in pdf format through clicking the ‘download form’ button.

Q: How Can I know my form has been received online by the DBA?

A: After successful submission of the fully filled up form by the Ld. Member Advocate, the name of the Ld. Member Advocate will appear in the Member’s column in the Home Page.

Q: Who will approve my submitted form?

A: The executive body of the DBA will scrutinize each and every submitted form within 3 working days from the date of online submission by the Ld. Member Advocate.

Q: How can I put my name in local language in the column of the form as has been asked for?

A: Local language should be given using keyboard setting to choose Bengali language and/or downloading any Android App or i-Phone App compatiable Bengali font.

Q: What is the purpose of providing photographs of each Ld. Member Advocate?

A: Self Photograph of the Ld. Member Advocate that has been uploaded along with the filled up form would be the profile photo of Ld. Advocate in the Member list.

Q: Can I access e-mail facility of the dedicated web-site of the DBA?

A: Each Ld. Member Advocate will be provided one e-mail id. consisting of user name and password under the extension of DBA site.

Q: Can I change the password that has been given by the DBA while delivering my email id and password?

A: Each Ld. Member Advocates are requested to change their respective password immediately they have given the same by the DBA so that privacy of the Ld. Members Advocate could be maintained.

Q: Shall I have to pay any remuneration/fee/charge for access e-mail facility as provided in the dedicated web-site of the DBA?

A: there shall be a fixed charge of Rs. 50/- only per Ld. Member Advocate per annum for using and accessing the e-mail id. provided by the DBA under its’ dedicated web portal.

Q: Can I choose my own user name while accessing the e-mail facility provided by the DBA under its’ web portal?

A: User name of each Ld. Member Advocate in the e-mail ids’ as provided by the DBA would always be his/her own name & surname.

Q: What will be the user name if there exists Ld. Member Advocates having same and identical name and surname?

A: the Ld. Member Advocate who submits his/her form first would get his/her user name first and the Ld. Member Advocate having same and identical name and surname would be provided a little altered username for the purpose of segregating 2 sets of Ld. Member Advocate., e.g. ‘joynalabedin’ and ‘joynal.abedin’

Q: What particulars I have to furnish which will be displayed in the Members’ column in DBA web site?

A: Ld. Member Advocates’ column will show the followings:

a. Name of the Ld. Member Advocate
b. Contact no. of the Ld. Member Advocate
c. Recent photograph of the Ld. Member Advocate
d. Email id. of the Ld. Member Advocate
e. Web site address of the Ld. Member Advocate
f. Enrolment letter/certificate of the Ld. Member Advocate issued by Statutory Body.
g. Photo id. issued by the Govt. Authority/DBA

Q: Shall I have to pay any fee for submitting form?

A: No, save and excepting what have been asked for, Ld. Member Advocates’ shall have to bear no fee in the mode of online or any other modes.

Q: What if, I fail to submit form online?

A: in such scenario, Ld. Member Advocate would approach the executive committee for any help and assistance.

Q: What if, my name does not appear in the Members’ column within 3 working days?

A: in such case, Ld. Member Advocate would have to contact the executive committee of the DBA along with his/her downloaded form in pdf format.

Q: What if, I have not received C.O.P. or its’ No.?

A: Ld. Member Advocate shall have to provide the money receipt no. and date of issuance by the Bar Council of West Bengal so has had been issued against each submitted form in the year 2016.

Q: What if, I have appeared and cleared AIBE?

A: Ld. Member Advocate cleared AIBE on and from 2010 onwards, shall have to furnish their respective AIBE pass/certificate no. along with date/year in the column specified for it.

Q: What documents I have to furnish while submitting form?

A: list of document require to be submitted before DBA furnished below:

a. Enrolment/Certificate of enrolment issued by Bar Council of West Bengal.
b. Identity card issued by DBA (if applied for and obtained)
c. X
d. Y
e. z

Q: Last date if any for submission of the online form?

A: Filled up form should be uploaded before 30-08-2020 positively.

Q: Is there any scope of infringement of privacy of Ld. Member Advocate by furnishing practice oriented details?

A: All the online filing of forms, uploading of photographs, clauses and criterions given, furnishable datas, documents as provided by each of the Ld. Member Advocate are all as per guideline and in compliance of the direction of Bar Council of India [BCI] which the DBA is duty bound to follow and the data stored in the devices and online platforms, online storage are all property of DBA secured with high end security with limited accessibility by the executive member of the DBA.

Q: Purpose of submission of the online form?

A: In compliance of direction of Hon’ble BCI. [ see details in the website of BCI ].